Monday, February 20, 2012

TGC Brazil

Here's the group I'll be travelling to Brazil with plus the ILEP teacher who presented to us Saturday.  Don't we all look shiny?  I'm betting the photos from the road won't look quite as tidy....  I thought I'd post this one now to chronicle the beginning.  These are great folks, and I'm looking forward to heading out with them.  Thanks to Perry for the photo.  I was too lazy to get the Nikon out.  (And no, I don't know what was wrong with my hair, but it had that problem all weekend and in every photo...)


  1. I wish our Indonesia group had done a team photo. This looks great! The five of us from Oklahoma did get a photo, but I think the full travel team would have been awesome!

  2. I can't remember whose idea it was...maybe Perry's, maybe David's...but I'm grateful for it, too. I didn't even have my big Nikon with me at the time; I was already hauling a laptop that I didn't wind up needing.

    I'm sure your group can get your starting photo at the airport. Maybe you'll all still be "shiny." :D